Manual for IGC coordinators

Submitted by terminus on Fri, 2011-04-29 09:57

Running a poll

  • Open LimeSurvey and create and open the poll. Full instructions of that step are beyond the scope of this guide, but see the online manual.
  • Go to Token Control and click "Import tokens from LDAP query". If the poll is a coordinator election, choose "Mailing list members who are qualified to claim membership". If it is a charter amendment, choose "Members who voted in the last election". In other cases, you can use "All mailing list participants".
  • Click Submit Query, then "Generate tokens" and "Send email invitation".
  • You can repeat the last two steps if new members join in the middle of the poll. The voting invitations will only be sent to those newly-joined members.

Approving membership applications

  • Click on the link in the New account request email and review the details before approving.
  • Decline the application with the note "Forum spam" if:
    • The email address is from any .info domain that comes up as forum spam on a Google search (see below), or is from or *
    • If you do not recognise the details and there is no "Organisation" listed for the applicant, do a Google search on their domain and if is within the first few hits, you can be sure it is forum spam.
  • If you happen to know that a person is already an IGC member and you notice they are attempting to sign up again, you have to politely decline their application and ask them if they need help with their account (for example, perhaps they want to subscribe an additional email address, in which case see here). We cannot have duplicate memberships in our membership database.

Selecting a nomcom

  1. First take a list of at least 25 nominees and number them.
  2. Announce which Saturday lotteries will be used for the random seed.  For example you can use those from Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States (not accessible outside USA, but try this).
  3. Visit this Web page and type the number of volunteers in the pool, and "5" (or "8") for the number we want to select.
  4. Then enter the results of the last Saturday lotteries.
  5. Press "submit" to end and it will print the numbers of the selected candidates.
  6. Update this page after the nomcom have made their selection (eg. for the Appeals Team, MAG, etc).

In the alternative to steps 3 to 5, you can compile your own version of the software used on that Web page:

  1. Download and extract this package containing source code from RFC 3979 and RFC1321. On Windows, you also need to install Cygwin or a Linux virtual machine.
  2. Get yourself a console window.  If you use Linux you probably know how to do this already; under Mac OS X you'll find in the Applications/Utilities folder, and on Windows consult the Cygwin documentation.
  3. Go to where you extracted the source code files (using the "cd" command followed by the path to where you saved them), and type "make".  You'll get some harmless warnings, but if all went well, you should also have a new executable file called pvrs.
  4. Run this program using "./pvrs".  When prompted, proceed as above.

Handing over to a new coordinator

You need to create new accounts for them in:

At least one coordinator should also know the password for the "igc" account, used to log in (via SSH or FTP) to the server on which our website and mailing list is hosted. All our website files are directly accessible from there, without need of root access.

There is a separate password used for root access to the server, and for Paypal.  At least one coordinator should know this also.

Calling consensus on a statement

  • If you wish, you can create the draft statement in the statement workspace so that you can get paragraph-level comments on it.
  • Copy the text out of the Limesurvey page, list email or statement workspace.
  • Click "Create content" to the left and choose "Statement", and copy the text into a new page.
  • It will automatically appear, dated, in the list of IGC statements.

After an election

  • In LimeSurvey, open the election survey and go to Browse Responses, Export Results to Application, change Format to CSV File and Token Control to Email, then click Export Data.
  • Next we need to clear the list of last year's voters. Go to this page, select "Show only users where role is voters" and click Filter. Select all the resulting members using the top checkbox on the left. Under "Update options" choose "Remove a role from the selected users: voters". Click Update. You may need to do this more than once if the list of voters runs to several pages.
  • If you are logged in as an administrator, then below you will find a form to upload the CSV file that you just exported. Within an hour of doing that, the list of voters on the Web page will be updated.
  • Update this page.

Paying the hosting bills

  • When receiving an invoice from Evorack, click on the link to pay it, log in, and click "Apply credit".
  • If we don't have any credit, then you need to add credit using Paypal. You don't do this from the Evorack site (because Paypal won't let you do this unless there is a linked credit card or bank account, which there isn't), but from the Paypal site.
  • Log in to our Paypal account using the coordinators' email address and manually send a payment to the address, then email that same address to ask them to apply the payment as a credit to our account.
  • Then go back to the invoice page and "Apply credit".
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