Appeals Team

Appeals Team

An appeals team of five (5) IGC members will be formed. The appeals board will be selected yearly by a randomly selected nominating committee as defined within the Charter. Coordinators are not qualified to be members of the appeals team. To see how the nominating committee is selected, visit:

Duties of the Appeals Team

Any time 4 individual members of the IGC co-sign a statement on the main IGC mailing list they can appeal any decision of the coordinators. When a decision is appealed, the appeals team will review any discussions that occurred and will request comments from the IGC membership.

Based on the information they collect and discussion, they will decide on the merit of the appeal.
Decisions by the appeals team are based on a majority vote of the appeal team, i.e., three (3) or more votes, except in the case of a decision to hold a coordinator recall vote, which requires full consensus.

The decision of the appeals team is final on every decision reviewed.

Current Status of the Appeals Team

The members of the 2013 - 2014 Appeals Team are:
Asama Abel Excel
Catherine Roy
Hempal Shrestha
Michael Gurstein
Mawaki Chango

They were appointed on the 24th July 2013 by the Nominating Committee (NomCom) which was Chaired by Tracey Naughton (non-voting chair). Their Term ends on 23rd July, 2014.

The voting members of the Nominating Committee were as follows:
Carlos Vera Quintana
José Francisco Callo Romero
Wilson Abigaba
Deirdre Williams
Jeremy Malcolm

Previous Appeals Teams have included:
2012 - 2013
Deirdre Williams, Ian Peter, Roland Perry, Ginger Paque, Shaila Rao Mistry.
Avri Doria (North America/Europe), Charity Gamboa-Embley (North America/Southeast Asia), Fouad Bajwa (South Asia), Ginger Paque (LAC) and Lee McKnight (North America).
Jeanette Hofmann (Europe), Adam Peake (Asia), Carlos Afonso (LAC), Ken Lohento (Africa) and Fouad Bajwa (Mid East/South Asia)
Rishi Chawla (Asia), Willie Currie (Africa), Avri Doria (North America/Europe), Nnenna Nwaknma (Africa) and Jeremy Shtern (North America).

Details of the selection process can be found in the Archives section of this site.

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