IGF Role

The Internet Governance Caucus is of the view that the IGF should continue beyond its first mandated period of five years.

There are two clear, and relatively distinct, mandates of the IGF - first, regarding public policy functions, as a forum for multistakeholder policy dialogue, and second, regarding capacity building. Both aspects of the IGF's role need to be strengthened.

Especially, one role (for instance, capacity building) should not be promoted to the exclusion of the other (policy related role). If the IGF is assessed not to be sufficiently contributing to its one or the other principal roles, adequate measures should be considered to improve its effectivenesses vis-a-vis that role.

It is important that IGF remains open to addressing all issues that are in the IG space, no matter how controversial. Very likely, the more controversial an issue, the more appropriate it may be to bring it to the IGF where inputs from a diverse range of stakeholders can be sought.

Deliberations at the IGF can be used as inputs for global Internet policy making, which will help make policy-making processes more participative and democratic.

We congratulate the IGF secretariat on doing exemplary work in the last few years, However for this success to be built on, the IGF should be assured stable and sufficient public funding to be able to carry its functions effectively, and impartially in global public interest. To this end we believe it is important that no other UN organization gets involved in the IGF's management.

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