IGF Review Process

The Internet Governance Caucus submits that, as mentioned in the Tunis Agenda, the process of review should be centered on consultations with Forum (IGF) participants. These consultations should be both formal and informal. It will also be necessary to go beyond IGF participants to reach out to other interested stakeholders, who for different reasons may not attend the IGF meetings.

The process of consultations should especially keep in mind constituencies that have lesser participation in IG issues at present, such as constituencies in developing countries including those of civil society. Other interested groups with lower participation in IG issues like women, ethnic minorities and disability groups should also be specifically approached.

IGC believes that a structured analysis of the performance of IGF, accompanied by a suitable methodology for consultation, analysis, and stakeholder input, is important to the credibility and the usefulness of the IGF review. We suggest that either the MAG or a specially appointed representative multistakeholder group be tasked with overseeing the process and making recommendations based on this analysis.

In order to demonstrate that the analysis is both objective and transparent, it should be conducted by a body or bodies that are independent from the IGF and its active stakeholders (including the United Nations). The process should be open and transparent. It is not advisable to rely solely on a pro bono evaluation, by any agency that offers it, for such a politically sensitive and important assessment.

The selected experts should have adequate expertise in matter of global public policy and policy institutions. In view of the geo-political significance of IG, it may be useful to have a reputed public policy institution in the global South do the evaluation in partnership with one such institution from the North. There should be adequate balancing of perspectives, including global North/South perspectives, and partnerships are a good way to ensure it.

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