April 2009 Statement in response to Program Paper

The Internet Governance Caucus notes the statement from the Programme Paper: "...Some favoured the inclusion of 'Internet rights and principles' as a cross-cutting theme". This concurs with the widespread support for this concept from various stakeholder groups at the February open consultations.

However we are concerned at the proposal to exclude it as a theme this year on the grounds that there is "no established definition of this theme and that therefore it should not be discussed at the Sharm El Sheikh meeting."

We are surprised by this reasoning for exclusion and request that the MAG revisit this subject given the wide support which has been expressed. Given that these matters are specifically contained in the Tunis Agenda (paras 70 and 42) we do not see lack of definition as a reason for exclusion. However, if it is not possible to include this concept until it is defined within IGF, we ask that the IGF 2009 include a prominent plenary space to establish this definition, in preparation for more comprehensive discussions in future debates and meetings.

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