Responses to consensus call on Open Letter to the United Nations Secretary-General

Here are the responses to the consensus call on an Open Letter from the Internet Governance Caucus to the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon.

Responses in favour:

Alan Alegre
Amedina Gomez
Ben Wagner
Brendan Kuerbis
Danielle Mincio
Derrick Cogburn
Dierdre Williams
Divina Meigs
Fouad Bajwa
Francois Ullmann
Gbenga Sesan
Ginger Paque
Ian Peter
Jeanette Hofmann
Jeremy Hunsinger
Jeremy Malcolm
Maja Andjelkovic
Mawaki Chango
Michael Gurstein
Milton Mueller
Philippe Dam
Pranesh Prakash
Rafik Dammak
Raul Echeberria
Rudi Vansnick
Schombe Baudouin
Shahzad Ahmad
Siranush Vardanyan
Stefano Trumpy
Stuart Hamilton
Tracey Naughton
Vittorio Bertola
William Drake
Wolfgang Kleinwächter

Only an email address is known for these respondents, also in favour:

arno @
email @
fm-lists @
gate.one205 @
glaser @
ias_pk @
nkurunziza1999 @
ocl @
rimon @
s.shar @
sdkaaa @
yrjo_lansipuro @


Ronald Koven

Responses against:


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