Responding to Just Net Coalition and Internet Social Forum

Submitted by Sean on Mon, 2015-01-26 19:05

I read Jeremy Malcolm's comments about JNC and ISF (and I see a follow up by Philip Corwin).  As a self-confessed serial communication activist of 30 years - and as a member of JNC and involved in the ISF idea -  I am pretty flabbergasted, but also a bit insulted by them.

I don't recognise the JNC and ISF described in Jeremy's note. The people he singles out are highly active in both but I can assure him that JNC is a lot more than them and has lively and open debate. It is not a mouthpiece for any clique - to suggest it is denigrates the multitude of others involved -  but it is a serious effort to raise the need for truly democratic internet governance.

As for the Internet Social Forum idea: Like the WSF itself, it is wide open.  By its very structure none can dominate it - we all need simply to respect the SWF basic philosophy.  Yes, it will take a lot of logistical effort and I applaud anyone willing to take that on.  But the real beneficiaries of an ISF will be all those who want to share ideas on 'another Internet is possible' and then - after the event - want to start to build it with like-minded people. There are no hidden agendas there, and it is a great opportunity to bring in activists from all kinds of different areas into this key debate.

All welcome, Sean

Social media skill pages

Submitted by mhiel on Mon, 2015-07-06 00:45.

Social media skill pages always help to improve ideas on social media activity. Keep posting! :)
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