Help with mailing list subscription


To unsubscribe is a simple process, but there are two ways of doing it depending on how you joined:

  1. If you joined on this website, log in (recover your password if necessary), click My account on the side, then the Edit tab on that page and then Delete at the bottom. You'll get an Access denied message afterwards, but that actually signifies that it worked.
    - or -
  2. If you joined at, or by sending an email to the list (this mostly applies to those who joined prior to 2011), then you must unsubscribe by sending email to

If you run into any trouble, contact the coordinators.


By registering on this Web site, you are automatically subscribed to our mailing list. To change your email on the mailing list, change it here. Other list settings such as digest mode can be changed on the mailing list site.

If you want to subscribe under two different addresses, then please don't register here twice, or you will be creating a duplicate entry in our membership database. Instead, register here once under your primary address, then subscribe your additional addresses here.

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