Working groups

Ad hoc sub-groups

It may, from time to time, be useful to create specific groups for the exploration of specific issues, as for example:

Interest groups: in conjunction with or in preparation for IGF thematic sessions
editing groups: to prepare draft statements or recommendations to be reviewed by the IGC as a whole

Coordination groups: to coordinate various issues or activities requiring such coordinated efforts.These groups would, for the most part, be spontaneously self formed in response to a perceived need and be disband as the need was satisfied. In general these would be informal and would make recommendations to the caucus as a whole.

The rationale for the sub-groups is to allow IGC members with particular interests and expertise to collaborate and add depth to the IGC's interventions.

While the formation of sub-groups is possible, they should not become bureaucratic entities in or of themselves and should be disbanded when they have served their purpose or if they are resulting in inefficient or exclusionary practice.

A number of voluntary working groups exist under the Internet Governance Caucus, to discuss issues and report back to the main list. These groups do not have any formal authority under the IGC charter. The working group mailing lists are:

These groups were labelled as inactive based on the IGC meeting during the IGF 2011 meeting in Nairobi. However, during the Coordinators meeting of January, 2012, it was decided that leaders of these groups be asked whether they wanted to re-activate these groups.

In addition, working groups have been formed around the IGF workshops that the IGC has organised from time to time. These working groups disband shortly after the workshop is held, and so are not listed here.

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