2013-2014 Appeals Team

On Wed, 24 Jul 2013, Tracey Naughton, non-voting chair of the NomCom, announced the following:

The following candidates have been selected to take over with immediate effect, from the current Appeals Team. On behalf of the selection team, I’d like to thank those members who served for the last year and welcome the new Appeals Team who are:

Asama Abel Excel
Catherine Roy
Hempal Shrestha
Michael Gurstein
Mawaki Chango


Report on the selection of the 2013 – 2014 IGC Appeals Team

The selection process began on June 14th when I accepted the role of non-voting chair of the selection committee.

The randomly selected group of voting NomCom members were:

10) Carlos Vera Quintana
9) José Francisco Callo Romero
11) Izumi Aizu
21) Wilson Abigaba
17) Rudi Vansnick

The reserves:

8) Deirdre Williams (first reserve)
2) Jeremy Malcolm (second reserve)

Both reserves were pressed into service when Rudi Vansnick and Izumi Aizu were unable to serve. The final NomCom consisted of:

Carlos Vera Quintana
José Francisco Callo Romero
Wilson Abigaba
Deirdre Williams
Jeremy Malcolm
Tracey Naughton – non-voting chair

On June 26th draft selection criteria were posted to the NomCom and were subsequently adjusted and agreed. The criteria were then posted to the Governance list and several further adjustments were proposed. Direct email discussions were conducted with people suggesting changes, following which the NomCom then agreed on the final selection criteria and questions to be covered by applicants in their nominations. (see below)

A call for nominations was posted to the Governance list on July 3rd. This resulted in three self nominations. Since the IGC Charter calls for five members to form an Appeals Team a further call for nominations was posted with an extended deadline, July 10th. This attracted three additional candidates, one of whom was not eligible to serve as he was a current member of the Appeals team and not eligible for renomination. At this point it transpired that one member of the NomCom may have intended to nominate himself for the Appeals Team rather than the NomCom. This misunderstanding was due to linguistic barriers and the concerned member has been encouraged to apply next year. As a member of the NomCom recalls, there was potential confusion on the list between the call for NomCom members for random selection and discussion about the Appeals Team itself. This could have been difficult for non-English speakers to follow and is an on-going matter for this list.

The Call for Proposals is pasted below for your reference.



Call for nominees from the IGC List to serve on the Appeals Team for 2013 – 2014 (posted july 3rd 2013)

I post this in my capacity as non-voting Chair of the NomCom for the selection process. I hope that many of you will be very enthusiastic about nominating!


The role of the Appeals Team is described in the IGC Charter as follows:

An appeals team of five (5) IGC members will be formed. The appeals board will be selected yearly by a randomly selected nominating committee as defined within the Charter. Coordinators are not qualified to be members of the appeals team. To see how the nominating committee is selected, visit: http://igcaucus.org/nomcom-process

Duties of the Appeals Team
Any time 4 individual members of the IGC co-sign a statement on the main IGC mailing list they can appeal any decision of the coordinators. When a decision is appealed, the appeals team will review any discussions that occurred and will request comments from the IGC membership.

Based on the information they collect and discussion, they will decide on the merit of the appeal. Decisions by the appeals team are based on a majority vote of the appeal team, i.e., three (3) or ore votes, except in the case of coordinator recall which requires full consensus.

The decision of the appeals team will be final on every decision reviewed.

Selection Criteria and information requested:

To nominate yourself or another consenting person, please send the NomCom a statement that answers the following questions and selection criteria.

Please send this statement and your CV before the end of your business day on Monday 8th July 2013.

1. Your name, email and contact number

2. The civil  society entities (network or organisations) that you are affiliated to. If you have been nominated by such a network or entity please provide information on the selection process.

3. The capacity of this affiliation if applicable (e.g. “member” or your job title)

3. Your country of residence

4. Your nationality and your gender

Please respond to the following criteria in your nomination statement:

– your interaction with the IGC List
– your experience, if any, in human resources/conflict management
– your technical knowledge related to IGC discussions

The NomCom will also take into account:
– the content of your CV
– regional and gender balance
– as per <http://www.igcaucus.org/nomcom-process> members of the current Appeals team, the IGC Coordinators and the NomCom mebers, voting and non-voting, are not eligible to nominate

Please contact me if you have any questions. The NomCom looks forward to your enthusiastic nominations!

warm regards,