Co Coordinators

Co-coordinators are elected by the members of the Internet Governance Caucus. However, the last Co-coordinator Bruna Martins was elected uncontested in May, 2017.

The current co-coordinators are:

  • Bruna Martins dos Santos (Bruna Santos) – term expires in May 2019
  • Arsene Tungali – term expires Jan 2018

Here are the full details of the 2016 Coordinator elections

Previous co-coordinators have included  Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro, Izumi Aizu, Norbert Bollow, Jeremy Malcolm, Ginger Paque, Ian Peter, Vittoria Bertola, Avri Doria, Jeanette Hoffman, Adam Peake, YJ Park, Paminder Singh, Wolfgang Kleinwachter, Mawaki Chango (term ended 2015) and Deirdre Williams (term ended Jan 2016), Analia Apsis (term ended Jan 2017).