Nomcom Process

As amended on 10 October 2010 – amendments are shown underlined.

Randomly selected nominating committee

In an effort to foster full inclusion in the process of selecting the appeals board and any other appointments the IGC may make other then the election of coordinators, a nominating committee process will be used. A nominating committee will be composed of 5 IGC members selected at random according to the process documented in RFC3797.

NomCom Process Details:

  1. Whenever possible a call for volunteers for a nominating committee (nomcom) will be posted 2 months before the scheduled selection of appeals team or selection of any other list of nominees needs to be decided.Whenever possible, one month will be used to constitute the nomcom and determine the criteria for the selections they are to make, and one month will be used to discuss and decide on candidates.
  2. At least 25 volunteers, i.e. 5 volunteers for each nomcom seat, are required for running the random process.
  3. A non voting chair will be appointed by the coordinators for each nomcom with the advice of the IGC membership. In order to serve as a chair, it is recommended that a person has served in at least one nomcom previously.
  4. All nomcom participants, voting and non voting, will be disqualified from selection as candidates for the list or team being chosen. Members of the current appeals team will also be disqualified from being chosen.
  5. Criteria used by nomcom will be made public and will be reviewed by the caucus whenever possible before decisions are made
  6. All candidates reviewed by nomcom will be made public as will their applications and other information
  7. The nomcom chair will put out a report after the selection giving a description of the internal processes used in the selection.
  8. Each nomcom will be selected for a specific decision and will be disbanded after the decision is made. However, in special cases where several different nominating committees would need to be completed in a shortened time frame that did not allow for multiple nominating committees, the co-coordinators may jointly request one nominating committee to fill several functions.
  9. There is no limit on the number of nomcoms an individual may serve on.