2010 Appeals Team

Appeals Team Selection Process 2010

On behalf of the Nomcom, the following were chosen as members of the IGC civil society Appeals Team.

  • Avri Doria
  • Charity Gamboa-Embley
  • Fouad Bajwa
  • Ginger Paque
  • Lee McNight

Nomcom Report
The Nomcom was briefed on October 30, and was asked to complete this task in a reasonable time frame. The Nomcom members are Qusai Al-Shatti, Gurumurthy K, Hempal Shrestha, Jacquiline Morris and Ian Peter.

Gurumurthy was elected Chair for this exercise.

Our first step was to call for nominations to be clarified or added to (original nominations were made in conjunction with the co coordinator ballot on October 10) which included-

  • Imran Ahmed Shah
  • Dr. Olivier Crepin-Leblond
  • Ginger Paque
  • Divina Frau-Meigs
  • Fearghas McKay
  • Nnenna Nwakanma
  • Fouad Bajwa
  • Avri Doria
  • Kwasi Adu-Boahen Opare
  • Rudi Vansnick
  • Charity Gamboa-Embley
  • Ben Akoh

One late nominations was received from Lee McNight which was also considered by the NonCom.

In terms of process, the nomcom followed these steps:

  1. discuss the parameters
  2. individually weigh and rank the candidates
  3. the individual ranks are collated by the chair and common selections if any identified
  4. discuss remaining candidates/slots and finalise

The selection criteria for Appeals team membership as per charter (quoted below), was considered as follows:

A) Qualified IGC member
Appeals team should be Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus (CS IGC) members.
Anyone who have subscribed to the IGC Charter and subscribed to the IGC caucus mailing list for 2 months prior to the announcement of the appeals team Nomcom process is eligible to be a candidate.

B) Qualifications
Nomcom will primarily select persons based on their knowledge and experience of issues faced by the caucus and their neutrality.

The successful candidate should be a person with thoughtful and unbiased consideration and have a stated (and demonstrated) commitment to consultation and dialogue with the community.

C) Diversity and balance
Appeal Team collectively should have good diversity and balance. The attributes to be considered include, but not limited to Geographic and cultural diversity, – Gender, Age, Skill set and knowledge, Disability

These will be treated as a goal, but not as the absolute requirement.

D) Others
To avoid capture, no more than one employee/representative of a particular organization should serve on the Appeal Team at any given time.

Nomcom members then scored candidates individually and each nomcom member who participated came up with a list of 5 names. These were collated, with some of the candidates on our final list being initially selected by all participating nomcom members. The Nomcom then discussed finalisation of the slate and the merits of respective candidates, bearing in mind geographic and gender balance as much as possible to come up with a final list.

The Nomcom also considered the organisational affiliations of nominees and took a fairly liberal view since many IGC members are also members of other groups. However, members considered that there was little fear of capture from the current slate of names.

Gurumurthy K
On behalf of Nomcom