Co-Coordinators Election 2019-20

Scheduled for the IGC Co-Coordinators’ Election 2019-20 has been announced Today on 22nd August 2019. The elections are being commenced from 22 Aug – 23 Sep, under the Bylaws of IGC Charter and in direct supervision of present Coordinator Bruna Martins dos Santos, whereas the Scrutineers & Returning Officers are Ian Peter and Tapani Tarvainen.

Call for Nominations:
Nominations for IGC Co coordinators are now open until September 5 for the two vacancies.
Self nominations, and nomination of others who you feel would be suitable, are equally encouraged. We advise you to check if a person is willing to stand before nominating them: however in any case confirmation by candidates will be necessary by the close of nominations to confirm their willingness to stand to the mailing list.

Nominations are made by a posting to the IGC Mailing List. Please make the subject of your posting:
NOMINATION – (name of candidate). Nomination should be accompanied by a 300 word statement which should include full name, country of residence and origin, work/involvement with IGF/IGC/civil society activities, and reasons why the person nominated would be a good Co-ordinator for IGC. If this information is not supplied at the time of nomination, a short period of time will be made available at the end of the nomination period to supply this information before voting commences.

Scrutineers and Returning Officers:
The Scrutineers and Returning Officers for the election are Ian Peter and Tapani Tarvainen. They will be pleased to answer queries on list as the process develops.

Please nominate now, and before September 5. A strong leadership team is vital to the success of IGC, and your involvement in this process will be greatly appreciated. Additionally, feel free to contact me, Tapani or Ian in case you have any doubts about this process!

The voting process is planned to begin on September 10th, after nominations have been made and all statements are available. More information about this process will be made available on list before that date. Two candidates will be elected – one for a two year term, and one for a one year term.

The following information has been shared on this very mailing list before, but for any further reference, this is our elections timeline:

Elections 2019-20