2013 IGC MAG nominations

On 21 January 2013 the MAG NomCom concluded their voting on MAG Nominees for the attention of the Under Secretary General of UNDESA who had invited Nominees for the selection of the MAG as it commences the rotation process.

We would like to thank all the Nominees who sent in their Expressions of Interest. We would also like to thank the MAG NomCom for its service to the IGC.

The MAG NomCom comprised of the following:

  • Thomas Lowenhaupt (NomCom Independent Non-Voting Chair)
  • Wilson Abigaba (NomCom) -voting member
  • Shahid Akbar (NomCom) -voting member
  • Devon Blake (NomCom) -voting member
  • Dixie Hawtin (NomCom) -voting member
  • Asif Kabani (NomCom)-voting member

The following were selected by the MAG, see below:

  • Fatima Cambronero
  • Robert Guerra
  • Michael Gurstein
  • Brenden Kuerbis
  • Jeremy Malcolm
  • Tim McGinnis
  • Baudouin Schombe