2016-2018 Co-cordinator Elections

Submitted by Arsene Tungali on Wed, 2016-08-17 10:06

An email was sent by Analia Aspis on March 10, 2015 announcing the results of the election. Please find here after the content of the email and all details regarding the way the voting was conducted.

Also archived here: http://lists.igcaucus.org/arc/governance/2016-03/msg00031.html
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A call for nominations was sent to the list on 11 January 2016, to remain open until 31stJanuary 2016, 23.59 UTC. Several reminders were sent.

Nominations were received from:

  • Akinremi Peter Taiwo
  • Arsene Tungali
  • Carlos Vera Quintana

As we attempted to set up the election process we ran into serious difficulties with the software that had been used previously. We appealed for assistance but no one was in a position to help. In these circumstances Analia devised an alternative procedure.

The link to a ballot was sent out to list members on 20th February 2016, stipulating that the poll would close on 29 February (23:59 UTC)

Again several reminders were sent.

A link to the list of members who voted can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IO9QkH26lGSq5ZR00vVG2kg_edb57D945S_gCUEZeOY/edit?usp=sharing

A careful check was carried out to ensure that each voting member only voted once and that each vote was accompanied by the affirmation of membership stipulated by the Charter.

107 votes were cast of which 99 were valid.

  • 36 votes for Arsene Tungali
  • 32 votes for Carlos Vera Quintana
  • 10 votes for Akinremi Peter Taiwo
  • 20 votes None of the above

Of the 8 rejected votes

4 persons said that they are not members:

  • Steve Hanagan
  • Didier Van der Meeren
  • Michéle Tancman Candido da Silva
  • Aída Noblia

4 persons voted twice:

  • Lebrum
  • Lorna Tingu Makuma (Mrs Simiyu)
  • Narine Khachatryan
  • Thomas Lowenhaupt

Therefore Arsene Tungali is elected as the new Co-coordinator to work with Analia Aspis.

Congratulations to Arsene and thanks to all three nominees for offering their time skills and energies!

Analia Tungali (Co-coordinator) and Deirdre Williams (retiring Co-coordinator)