Imran Ahmed Shah Candidate Statement 2019

Internet Governance Caucus Coordinator Elections

My name is Imran Ahmed Shah, belong to Pakistan (AP Region), serving Civil Society as Public-Policy advocate, Private-Sector as Technologist since 1985. Participating, Representing National, Regional & Global platforms & forums related to Public-Policy/IG/IP/Info-Sec matters.
Established ‘Linguistic Internet Council’ and ‘Urdu Internet Society’ platforms to unite ‘Linguistic User Communities’ to form ‘Internet Layers’ with excellence.

Established ‘Youth/IGF Pakistan’ following WSIS Tunis agenda.

Remain involved with UN-GAID, UNESCO-Conference “Connecting the Dots” and WSIS 10+ Review Process,
supporting CS instance.

Achievements including ‘Two-Letter limitation Removal for IDN-ccTLD’, ‘100% waiver for developing countries in FastTrack’, ۔پاکستان dot Pakistan IDN ccTLD Registry, gTLDs conflict-resolution at ICANN36@Seoul, Securing ISLA-Awards for InfoSec Professionals at SecureAsia@Jakarta/Tokyo/Philippine, ISOCPakistan rejuvenation, workshops at APrIGF-2013@Seoul/2014@NewDelhi/2015@Macau on ‘Governance for the Internet of Kids/Teenagers/Youngsters’.

Got Patent US9,779,066B2; PUNYCODE Conversion System for IDN-cc/gTLDs.

= Motivation/ Reason =

Ex-Coordinators strongly believe that: The IGC needs some Technical Expertise, if it is to run smoothly. …. Imran has stepped smoothly, and as generously, into Jeremy’s place, in providing the technical backup to get the IGC up and running again. As well as this he brings a perception of IG from the non-anglophone developing world, which it is crucially important should be part of a Civil Society “voice”. (Deirdre Williams)

“.. it is critical that the nominees have been members for at least several years ensuring they have IGC context. Being on the Technical Team with Imran, his Leadership, Alacrity and Efficiency in execution-of-duties not to mention his Collaborative-Nature has been nothing short of impressive. Imran, has institutional memory, leadership skills and the connections needed to take the IGC from the ashes to position it where it needs to be, not just collaborating with //groups but making the IGC visible in diverse-spaces and restoring its credibility”. (Salanieta T. Tamanikaiwaimaro)