Sheetal Kumar Candidate Statement 2019

Internet Governance Caucus Coordinator Elections

*My name is Sheetal Kumar, and I’m based in London, UK where I’m a Programme Lead at Global Partners Digital (GPD). I believe the role of IGC coordinator requires enthusiasm, understanding of internet policy issues, organisational and facilitation skills. At GPD, I have experience in facilitating civil society engagement in internet policy and governance spaces, including at the global level where I’ve been working on ensuring greater openness, inclusivity and transparency for civil society engagement in multistakeholder and multilateral processes. For example, I’ve supported coordination of civil society in the WSIS+10 Review Process, and other global processes including the ICDPPC, the G20, the UNHRC and more recently the HLP and the UN First Committee. Currently, I lead a cybersecurity capacity building programme which supports civil society organisations to promote and protect human rights in relevant discussions at the national and global levels. *

*In addition, I represented Bestbits at the CSCG where I helped to coordinate the involvement of the previous Bestbits network in the CSCG. I’ve also been an active participant in the civil society pre-IGF coordination meetings, *as well as a participant of the IGF and its intersessional activities, most recently the BPF on cybersecurity.*

*I’ve been helping to lead the discussions regarding the closure of Bestbits and been involved in the related discussions regarding the IGC’s revival. As the internet and digital technologies become increasingly relevant, we need a coordinated and strong civil society presence which meaningfully involves a diverse and wide range of voices more than ever. I believe my experience in the field of internet policy, relationships with a wide range of stakeholders in the community, and my facilitation of the closing of Bestbits process, as well as my strong organisational skills will support me to carry out a role as IGC coordinator. *